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Course Outlines

Courses marked with ! are available to be taught at your location.  Call office for details

REO Workshop- 3 Hours

You will receive the most up to date information by the "Pro's Pro" Broker Susan Clements. She has completed hundred of sales of REO properties over the last 18 years. You will leave with a total understanding of the processes involved and also with the knowledge to decide if this niche in real estate is for you.

BPO's A-Z- 4 Hours

How do I complete a successful BPO?  Before you leave you will have completed a BPO assignment. You will learn everything that is necessary to satisfy the lender that is requesting it and then decide if this is for you.

! Civil Rights- 3 Hours

This is one of the three required real estate courses.  We begin with a historical look, bring it up to current times then apply fair housing policies and rules to our real estate business.

! Civil Rights- Fair Housing and Its History- 4 Hours

This is one of the three required real estate courses. We begin with a historical look, bring it up to current times then apply fair housing policies and rules to our real estate business.

! Civil Rights- Understanding Diversity- 3 Hours

Learn how to communicate with people from around the world. We come in contact with diverse cultures and sometimes, our body language means totally different things to each person. I guarantee this will be the most fun class you have ever attended!

!Core Law- Agency and Advertising- 4 Hours

What can we say and what is illegal in advertising? We will discuss the impact that Real Estate law, fair housing and current civil rights laws, have on any and all types of advertising for housing. Included in our discussions will be a background regulation "Z" rules on Truth in Lending. You will leave with a complete understanding of words and phrases that are permitted in advertising, those that are not permitted at all and those that may be used with caution. 

Core Law- Build Your required Office Policy Manual - 4 Hours

Under Ohio law every Brokerage must have, in place, a complete written policy manual covering such topics as agency, commissions, brokerage policy options, inner office dealings, protecting consumers confidential information and many others.  There is an optional 94 page instruction book available which is mostly copy and paste ready to build your required manual.

! Core Law- Consumer Education- 3 Hours

Learn the aspects of - educating buyers; home warranties; home inspectors; Megan's Law; consumer guide; credit scores and what they mean; types of loans available today; Agency Disclosure, underwriting, and closing statements.

! Core Law Disclosures- 2 hours , 3 Hours or 4 hours

You will leave with an understanding of misrepresentation, stigmatized properties, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and avoiding liability and considering offices policies regarding all types of disclosures.

! Core Law Update- 3 Hours or 4 Hours

Learn the newest hot topics! Attendees will learn what Ohio has to saw about Real Estate teams ; email advertising and the Can Spam Act of 2003; Agency Law surrounding the Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships; 2013 changes in the OAC rules on Property Disclosures; Advertising; Management Trust Accounts; name identification and social media; personal assistants and what they can and cannot do according to licensure.

! Core Law What's New?- 4 Hours

This course will bring you up to date on all of the recent changes and/ or additions to our law. We will cover SB 130 which deals with new rules for your EMD account and the Unclaimed Funds reporting requirements; Branch office guidelines; medical extensions for C.E.; Consumer guide rules and agency disclosure form; Resigned and Voluntary hold status of licenses. Class will end with competition between teams on today's topics.

! Counseling Buyers/ Creating Buyer Loyalty- 3 hours or 4 Hours

Learn the professional way to be a buyer's agent. What are the benefits of having a Buyers discovery session? Conducting the interview session. What to include in a buyer representation agreement. Explaining the advantages of Buyer representation. How do buyer's agents get paid? What are some of the buyer's frequently asked questions? Do I want to represent all buyers?

Environmental Concerns- 3 Hours

In our world we have many areas to be concerned about for our clients sake. We are not obligated to understand or discover hazards, but the professional agent will need to have some understanding of potential hazards. This class will give attendees a good understanding of: Lead, Radon gas, Mold as a contaminate, and Asbestos.

! Ethics, The Measure of Professionalism- 3 Hours

This is one of the three required real estate courses. This course is also approved for the 2 1/2 hour N.A.R. requirement for the Code of Ethics. We will discuss ethical issues that confront agents on a daily basis. Not your usual "boring" same old ethics class.

Home Inspection Process From Beginning to End- 3 Hours

This course is co-taught by a well respected senior home inspector. Learn what to expect and what not to expect from the home inspection process and home inspector. Discover how the basement can tell a story about the current condition of the home and what to expect for the future. Also covered is an overview of HVAC systems found in homes today and the proper care and maintenance needed for efficiency and performance.

Honing Your Negotiation Skills- 3 or 4 Hours

This class is designed to discuss the premise of negotiations. We determine styles, and how they affect our clients. Traits of successful negotiators, demonstrations and videos. A class you have never seen anywhere else!

! Rentals and the Law- Civil Rights- 4 Hours- Agents bring your clients to this one

This course will cover the Landlord Tenant Law in the State of Ohio, Federal Fair Housing Law as it applies to rentals and the (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act. Very few opportunities exist today for the real estate professional or lay property owner to learn this portion of the law. John Niebel was on the committee that wrote the Ohio Landlord Tenant Law. His career involvement with over 35,000 residential leases has given him experience in all of these areas. You will learn what you can and cannot do as a landlord. You will learn how to better serve and educate the public in rental laws and practice.


Our instructor brings in a self defense instructor to assist in this training!! What are we targets? Learn from others. Automobile Safety. Telephone Safety. Office procedures. Knowing Your Buyers. Seller's chattels. Open House. Safety videos. Dress appropriate. Identity theft. Weapons. Police reports. Dog attacks. Simple self defense tactics.

​Selling HUD Homes

HUD recently made several changes including changing servicing companies, changes in their processes and more. Come and learn about:

  • Intro to HUD
  • Showing and Advertising
  • Bidding Processes
  • HUD Contract Package
  • Under Contract Properties
  • ​Completing the Contract: E-Signature Process
  • Closings

Ohio Pre-License Courses- Check the Pre-License Pages for Current Class Dates

Pre-License Exam Four Hour Prep Session-

Once you have completed your studies and attained passing grades in all of the required courses you are now ready to take the next step toward taking the state exam. Check your schedule and sign up for the Exam Prep Session. The four hour session may be the most important tool you have in preparing for the exam. This session is a hands on approach to test taking and specifically taking the real estate exam. You will take and be scored on a 250 question test (Ohio Specific). You will review the test, and your missed answers, to help you identify areas that need more study. Upon completion of this session you will be prepared for the next and final step- taking and passing the state exam!  4 hours of classroom. no C.E. credit taught by John Niebel









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